Physical Education

The physical education program at Coeur D’Alene is an age appropriate fitness based program with an emphasis on improved overall body strength, cardiovascular fitness, basic sport specific skill development, and inclusion for all students. The coaches use positive reinforcement, motivational techniques, and goal setting to help students reach their individual potential and physical best. The goal of the program is to encourage all children to create lifelong habits of exercise, physical activity, and health.

Through our program, students receive 45 of their required 100 minutes of instruction each week. (Teachers provide the other 55 with our support.) Students have the opportunity to work with all of our coaches and experience different lessons and units. Our coaches bring their special expertise to our program and help kids explore dance, yoga, tag games, throwing and catching techniques, and lead up skills for sports. Our coaches also offer specific sports and activity classes after school for children who are seeking more detailed instruction or have a specific interest.


PE Schedule 2019/20

The LAUSD Health and Wellness Policy

Blueprint for Wellness: Healthy Choices for Lifelong Health