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Room Parents

Serve as a liaison between the teacher and other parents within the class and are identified at the beginning of each school year.

Responsibilities include:

  • Creating and managing parent contact roster as well as email distribution list
  • Collecting class funds
  • Providing on-going communication between the teachers, class parents and Friends of CDA
  • Organizing volunteers for class field trips and events; including class booths, holiday auction baskets and the classroom art project

Although room parents serve to represent the class, ALL parents and caregivers are encouraged to take an active role in classroom activities.

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If you would like to volunteer as a room parent or room parent coordinator, please contact our Room Parent Coordinators at [email protected]

Room Parent Coordinators

You can email the Community Fund Committee at [email protected] or you can email individual members by clicking on the email icon below the profile picture.

Joi Charron
Joi CharronRoom Parent Coordinator
Cara McKinley
Cara McKinleyRoom Parent Coordinator
Sarah McNeilly
Sarah McNeillyRoom Parent Coordinator

Room Parents

GradeRoom #TeacherRoom ParentRoom ParentRoom Parent
TK 1Ms. Kathy FieldingZenobia MooreKristy Martin
K2Ms. Adriana MackavoyKelly TabisKelly Korba
K3Ms. Michelle MeadCandice HareLeah Masterson Sarah Fotis
K17Ms. Carmen San JuanMartina TatschkeYou?
K18Ms. Michelle PippinEdie ElkinsonJulie BeanChristine Kornylak
115Ms. Jacklyn GonzalezRuthie SeroussiMandee Tatro
116Ms. Katrina LiraCecille SibleyMaria Svendblad
119Ms. Franceil MasiBeth WeissTiffany NoelaniErika Casillas
120Ms. Jennifer AuerbachPatricia CandidoMonica SimoneKristen Gonzalez
221Ms. Dhama TepasMandy MolloyYou?
222Ms. Cynthia FlaxmanDeetra SerikiYou?
223Mr. David RothschildMarisol HeroldKristen Connolly Vadas
224Ms. Kristin OppelDanielle DunlapJane Spiro
35Ms. Cynthia BlockRita SatuloffZenobia MooreSusan Mitchell 
36Ms. Alicia JenkinsKristy MartinCristina Sheehan
37Ms. Susan AverErin GreenmanKylee Lehe
310Ms. Liz RomeroCara McKinleyFiona Chilcott
3/49Ms. Valerie Neri-MuñozDana BeharCourtney Lyall
48Ms. Kristin WelchDawn LevinSarah Sung
411Ms. Margot SaxtonJill Howe-VercosYou?
512Ms. Ellen QuerreyMonika ZemskyTanya Bures
513Ms. Kimberly BuckCarey CameronCatie Ziller
514Ms. Carly PayneSimone GomesEdie Elkinson