As a School for Advanced Studies we are proud to offer a differentiated, rigorous program for all students. Being a School for Advanced Studies also requires us to be held to a high standard and to engage as a staff in at least 16 hours of professional development a year on the learning needs of gifted and talented students and students who excel academically. Using approaches that integrate technology, project-based learning, learning centers, accelerated and extended learning opportunities, Cognitively Guided Instruction, reading and writing workshop, and pathway plans, our teachers and students approach teaching and learning as an inquiry-based, student-centered, collaborative process. Parents are considered active members of this process and are encouraged to provide input into their child’s development.

Being a School for Advanced Studies allows us to accept permit applications from families of students who do not live within our attendance boundaries. For transitional kindergarten, we use a screening process to determine who is eligible for our SAS program, the details for which is outlined in a letter that is given to families when they turn in their application through March of 2020. Families of eligible students who apply will be invited to a screening for their children in April of 2020. Children who meet the criteria will be considered for a spot through lottery, the date for which will be in April or early May after the screening. Applicants for kindergarten through fifth grade have to apply through the district’s eChoices site (, the deadline for which is November 15, 2019. Late applicants can apply starting in February 2020, but they will be waitlisted. Eligibility is determined by the child’s current school of residence or preschool. Questions can be directed to the number on the site or to Principal Jenkins. Families who are new to the area and miss the application windows can apply, and space will be offered for all applicants as it is available if their child meets the district’s criteria. Thanks as always for your interest in our school.