Meet our Principal

Principal Jenkins has been working with school age children since 1989. After graduating from the University of Florida with a degree in Art History, he began teaching at a private school in the US Virgin Islands. That experience led him to pursue a masters degree in education at Teachers College, Columbia University. He taught for five years at schools in Washington D.C. and New York City before relocating to San Francisco, where he taught elementary school for seven years and earned a second masters degree in mathematics education. In 2002, he was recruited as a mathematics coach in the Los Angeles Unified School District. Because of his background in mathematics education and his passion for professional learning, he was promoted to the position of elementary mathematics coordinator, where he led reform efforts in the teaching and learning of mathematics. It was this experience that caught the attention of the current superintendent, who promoted him to the position of principal. Fortunate for him and our school, Coeur d’Alene was his first and only interview, and the committee offered him the position minutes after his interview. As principal of Coeur d’Alene Avenue School, he has had the privilege and honor of working with a talented group of educators and a dedicated corps of parents. He describes this work as the most rewarding of his career.

During his tenure, Principal Jenkins has facilitated and led initiatives around SMARTboard technology, effective teaching techniques, small group instruction, differentiation, Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI), and balanced literacy. He helped secure the Cotsen Art of Teaching fellowship for our school and because of their success with the model, they were invited to do a second round. The innovative practices that this fellowship generated has now created the opportunity for our school to be designated a demonstration site for CGI and balanced literacy, and the practices are now spreading across the district. His core beliefs stem from a philosophy that views education as a lifelong learning process that must constantly adapt and change. He and the teachers at Coeur d’Alene embrace innovation and work collaboratively to ensure their students develop a lifelong love of learning. In addition to his passion for education, Principal Jenkins is an avid tennis player and cook. He loves to read and recently started