Ms. Mary Beth McCarthy is our full-time librarian, and Renee Dewire Domino works part time to assist in the work of supporting our library. Our library is open daily from 8:00 AM – 3:30 PM and is a place for quiet reading and study. Our Target funded parent center computer and printer is located in our library and is for the use of our adult family members.

Children enrolled in after school programs are welcome to use it for homework and research. In addition, parents are welcome to visit with their students before and after school. Each class visits the library with their class once a week and can check at least 2 books, one at their reading level and a book of choice
An excellent school library media center impacts student achievement, fosters reading, supports information literacy, and nurtures lifelong learning. In order for us to achieve these goals, the following rules have been established:
1. Walk in and out of the library at all times.
2. Talk only when necessary and use whisper voices.
3. Use shelf markers when browsing books.
4. Follow the directions of the librarian at all times.
Finally, we are proud of the collection we have accrued over the years. Families are responsible for the cost of lost or damaged books. Monies collected will go toward replacement and/or additional tiles.