(This year because of a shortage in LAUSD of dance teachers, our kindergarteners will enjoy an extra session of music with Mr. Carroll in the first semester. We hope to offer dance again in the 2020-2021 school year.)

The elementary dance program is a foundational program that consists of creative movement for children and connections to sports and folk dance for students in grade TK-5. The lessons are based on both the California State Dance Standards and the elementary Art Instructional Guide in dance. Students are given the opportunity to experience dance as an art form in an educational setting, creating, performing, responding and connecting their dance learning to their own experiences.

Dance is a universal form of communication and expression and through it we focus on gaining skill, knowledge and concepts in the physical, creative, cognitive, and social domains. Students study space, time and energy. The exciting, fun and challenging class lessons feature exploration, improvisation, and composition. Students work in whole groups, pairs, trios and, for the upper grades, in longer small group creative choreography projects.

All students have the opportunity to share and perform classwork for each other and to speak and write, using their dance vocabulary about their dance work. Students also grow in feeling, expression, imagination, and social skills. They learn by meeting challenges, taking risks, using self-discipline, working with others, and respecting others and self.

People have danced since the dawn of time and we are continuing that tradition!