The entire staff of Coeur d’Alene Avenue School has a goal of establishing an atmosphere throughout the school in which children will feel safe, secure, and happy in order to maximize their learning opportunities.

In an effort to accomplish this goal, we have developed a school-wide Positive Behavior Support plan. The plan specifies rules that delineate the behaviors we expect from all of our students. The plan also outlines positive incentives for students who abide by the rules, thereby modeling appropriate behavior for all of us. In addition, the plan outlines consequences for students who do not follow the rules so that our expectations are clear and reasonable. Finally, our staff prides itself on expecting of ourselves what we expect of our students.

1. Students will follow directions the first time they are given.
2. Fighting or “play fighting” are not allowed.
3. Students may not bring gum, candy, weapons, electronic devices, or toys to school.
4. Students will not call each other names, curse, or use put-downs.
5. Students will not litter anywhere in or around the school.
6. Birthday celebrations are not permitted during school hours. In lieu of food or party favors, a birthday book can be donated to the class or library in the child’s name.
7. Hats may ONLY be worn outside.
8. Students may only play in supervised areas at all times.

1. WALK – do not run.
2. Students will not disturb classes while they are in session.
3. Hold all playground equipment to and from the play area.

1. Always keep hands, feet, and other objects to yourself.
2. Food stays on trays or in lunchboxes until eaten and is not shared.
3. Clean up your area and recycle all trash.
4. Stay seated while eating.
5. Wait for the line up bell to be excused.
6. Students may not bring soda or candy to school.

1. Choose an area, stay there, and make sure that the area does not exceed the limit of students.
2. Use equipment appropriately, play fairly, and use “I messages” to resolve conflicts. If “I messages” do not work, go to an adult for assistance.
3. Make sure that you are giving others a chance to play in an area. Choose different areas so that others have a chance.
4. Freeze and crouch when the bell rings and wait for the whistle.
5. Walk to line (or lunch area at lunchtime) with your jacket/sweater and wait quietly in line (or begin eating at lunchtime).
6. Food or beverages are not allowed on the yard.

1. Students will not play or congregate in the restroom.
2. Students will respect the privacy of others.
3. Students will place all garbage in trashcans.
4. Students will walk in and out of the restrooms.
5. Students will use all restroom facilities appropriately.