1. Kindergarten students are dismissed by their teachers to their families or to the YMCA aftercare program by their classrooms. Rooms 1 and 2 dismiss on the west side of their classrooms. Rooms 17 and 18 dismiss outside their gate; and room 24 dismisses just north of their class. First and second grade students dismiss with their teachers to their families or aftercare program on their numbers on the big yard; and grades 3 – 5 students meet their families on the big yard near their numbers or go to their aftercare program.

2. Students who would like to take advantage of our valet pick-up program meet their families at the Garfield Gate. Students in grades K-1 will be escorted by our Ms. Mead or Ms. Contreras from their classrooms to the Garfield gate. Students in grades 2-5 will walk to the Garfield Gate and meet the principal or one of our teachers’ assistants. Valet pick-up forms are in the front office. Parents should also let their teachers know or they can email the principal. If you need valet on the day of the pick-up, you must call the office by 02:15 PM or email Principal Jenkins. Valet pick-up runs until 02:50 PM (or 01:50 PM on Tuesdays), at which time students in grades K-1 will be escorted to the office. Students in grades 2-5 will wait on the yard with Mr. Arias from After School Youth Services. Please do not park and leave your car in the valet pick-up area marked with cones. Thanks.

3. The front door is reserved for staff and parents who have office/school business. Please ring the buzzer and wait to be buzzed in.

4. Children walking home cross at crosswalks only.

5. Students in grades 2-5 being picked up late will wait on the playground where there is adult supervision. All students must be signed up with an after care program. Kindergarten and first grade students will be taken to the office. Please understand, though, that the office staff is not equipped to supervise children.

6. Students in grades 2 – 5 who choose to play after school or are signed up with STAR or Mad Science™ and stay before or after their class need to sign up for the After School Playground Youth Services with Mr. Daniel Arias. The YMCA aftercare program is for all students and is a “for fee” program. They also offer pre-care starting at 07:00 AM. All care programs end at 06:00 PM.

7. STAR Nova and Mad Science™ start the weeks of September 5, 2016 and September 12, 2016 respectively. Flyers will come home for registration. Scholarships are available and are need based for financial and academic reasons.

8. Once students have left the campus, they are not to return, unless with their families. This is a safety issue.

9. Families who wish to stay on campus with their children so that they can play on the yard must directly supervise them at all times. This is a safety issue. Parents who do not abide by this policy may be asked not to remain on campus after school.

10. Skateboards, scooters, Zucas, and bicycles should not be ridden on campus. This is District policy. If students are caught riding these on campus, they will not be allowed to have them on campus for one week for the first offense, one month for the second offense, and permanently for the third offense. (Skateboards are used for our after school Boarderz class with STAR Education.)

11. For security reasons, the teacher or principal must be present if students or parents wish to retrieve something from the classroom.